The inaugural group meeting was held in August 2010 at Northwestern University. A variety of schools and corporate institutions got together to share best practice information and learn how to more effectively leverage the Google Apps tools to facilitate business. Google generously sponsored the event and continues to support the group with insight and technical input. Starting in April, 2011, the event was held in Google's offices in downtown Chicago. The next group meeting will take place on Thursday, March 29, 2012.

At the August 2010 meeting the participants asked that we continue to meet, twice a year. It was agreed that the group did not want to replicate support or other resources that already exist elsewhere within the Google A
pps community.  The key benefit of a regional user group is to build local connections so that we can learn from each other as we deploy additional Google Apps functionality to our business communities. 

To ensure that connections and conversations occur between people who have similar business challenges, group membership is open to higher education and mid-to-large corporate institutions who currently use Google Apps to support their business. 

The face-to-face meetings, and this website, are coordinated by a group of volunteers, currently led by Wendy Woodward (Northwestern University).  If you are interested in participating in group leadership and can be committed to contributing the time necessary to ensure the success of the group, contact the leadership team at:  northcentral-leads@appsusersgroup.com